Ole-Bendt Rasmussen (O-B R)

Born July 1, 1927 in Denmark. Danish subject with residence in Switzerland since 1980. Graduated from: The Technical University of Denmark in 1951 as master of science in chemical engineering. Independent inventor since 1954 with developments and licensing business in the following fields:

  1. Light weight, high strength films and bags by crosslamination of oriented polyolefin film.
  2. Processes for manufacture of yarn and non-wovens by stretching and fibrillation processes.
  3. Coextrusion machinery.

For this development work awarded "The Julius Thomsen Goldmedal" in 1967 by the Technical University of Denmark. Since 1999 also active with inventions re. coextrusion of food products of a novel structure, e.g. vegetable imitation of meat.