Welcome to XF crosslaminated films, developed and licensed by: O-B R enterprise

Consultants and suppliers of machinery for extrusion, stretching and lamination only to present and future licensees.

License granted to technology for production of high strength polymer (plastics) film (cross laminate of films with orientation) mainly for bags, tarpaulins, cover film and for stand-up pouches.



Downgauging of heatsealable polylefin films and bags without loss of strength properties, sealability and stiffness.

A major advantage of crosslaminated film over biaxially oriented film is the tear-propagation-resistance. Biaxially oriented film will normally tear more easily from an incission than the unoriented film, but in crosslaminates one ply will tear in one direction and the other ply in another direction, if they are not bonded too strongly together. The tear will “fork out” and the “notch effect” will be strongly reduced.


Present uses:

Present uses of the oriented, crosslaminated XF ® film developed by O-B R enterprise are mainly: Industrial bags, Form-Fill-and Seal (FFS), housebuilding: Membrane film and liners under buildings, greenhouse film, rustprotective packaging.

The latest generation XF ® is also expected to be very suited for stand-up pouches.


The latest generation XF ® film:

The latest generation XF ® film is the “Miniflute XF”, in which the corrugated paper board principle is used to increase the stiffness and/or resiliance and the shock-heat-seal strength. The pitch (wavelength) of the flutes is down at about 1 mm, and the gauge is about or lower than 100 gr per sq. m., i.e. the laminate is not a board material, but a flexible film. It’s still is a project under development, not yet commercialized.


About the organisation of O-B R enterprise:

O-B R enterprise, directed and owned by Ole-Bendt Rasmussen (O-B R), is geographically quite decentralized. After O-B R’s move to Switzerland in 1980 there was formed a Swiss company RPD Rasmussen Polymer Developments AG (owned by O-B R) but O-B R continued personally to pay all patent expenses and to take out the patents in his own name. A few of the license agreements have been made through RPD. O-B R’s laboratory and office in Denmark continued organized as a subsidiary of RPD, but was reduced in 1987 due to financial difficulties, and from then on has employed only one person, O-B R’s secretary and responsible for the patent surveillance Mrs. Ulla Mollerup. Present name of the Danish subsidary is Rasmussen Patents ApS.

To facilitate O-B R’s cooperation with Danish consultants re. experiments and machine constructions, the Danish company has primitive facilities in the Danish town Horsens.

Between 1987 and 2002 O-B R has arranged most developments at the premises of some of the licensees, mostly in India.

Since 2001 there has been installed a machine facility with adequate possibilities for developments near O-B R’s Swiss home. This facility is set up entirely to make laboratory and pilot machinery for O-B R enterprise, and for experiments with this machinery. Besides the working leader Nikolaj Rasmussen it employes 2 mechanics.

The organisation of O-B R enterprise is very much based on the use of consultants. These are:

As the chief machine constructor: Mr. Ib Loendahl, mechanical engineer, formerly XF-project leader in a major Danish machine company which supplied the XF production plants to 2 of O-B R’s licensees.

As assistant machine constructor: Mr. Jens Hother Grabow, machine engineer, Horsens, Denmark. As technical advicer to O-B R’s licensees re. production problems and production optimization: Mr. Patrick Coffey, machine engineer, Yalding Kent, England, former technical leader of the XF-production in England. For special projects involving “high technology”: The Engineering High School in Horsens, Denmark, especially through Mr. Jørgen Maagaard, machine engineer.

As consultant in rheology and re. extrusion: Mr. Erik M. Kjaer, associate professor of The Danish Technical University (DTU). As advicer in patent matter and patent attorney for PCT- and EPO-cases: Mrs. Helen M.M. Jones of Gill Jennings & Every, London. As legal counsel: Mr. Marcello Weber, Swiss lawyer, Zug.

As Book-keeper: Mr. Kurt Burgisser, specially authorized Swiss book-keeper, Zug. As director of Rasmussen Patents ApS and legal advicer mainly in Danish matters: Mr. Hans A. Lindahl, Danish lawyer, Gentofte.